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......@@ -78,9 +78,28 @@ The Debian package will install init scripts to control the indexing
daemon in ``/etc/init.d/lens2``.
Lens consists of two components:
- the indexing daemon, which reads logs from the syslog server and
stores them into the Elasticsearch index
- the web application, which serves user queries and provides a JSON
API to the index.
These two components are completely independent from each other, so
they can be deployed separately (even on different machines). For
testing purposes, and for very small organizations, you can run the
full stack on a single server (the syslog collector, the Elasticsearch
instance, the lens daemon and a web server), but it's trivial to scale
the system up if necessary (see `Scaling`_).
Integration With Syslog
The lens2 daemon is meant to be connected to a syslog server, usually
a 'collector' for your remote logs, via a FIFO.
......@@ -122,7 +141,7 @@ FIFO whenever the ES backend is unavailable.
Web Application Deployment
The Lens web UI is a pretty simple WSGI application (written using
`Flask`_) implementing a JSON API to query the underlying
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