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......@@ -244,6 +244,49 @@ cluster if you add or remove one backend, moving databases and blogs
The upgrade procedure involves upgrading the source repository on all
your servers, and running database upgrades for each blog. In order to
upgrade your installation, you will need the `noblogs` tool from the
`noblogs-cli` repository.
### Upgrading the source code
We rebase our patch set on top of the Wordpress upstream on every
release, creating a new versioned branch of our repository. So the
first step is to figure out the most recent version is (our versioning
does not necessarily follow the Wordpress versioning scheme): you can
check the available branches in the git web interface for this
repository. At the time of this writing, the current version is
`noblogs-2.1.10`, which we will use in the example below.
The following commands should upgrade your installation in place:
$ git remote update
$ git fetch noblogs-2.1.10
### Running database upgrades
The Network Upgrade option from the Wordpress admin panel does not
really work reliably, especially on large installations (due to request
timeouts and memory issues), so it is advised to use the `noblogs`
command-line tool to perform post-upgrade maintenance tasks.
Assuming you have installed `noblogs-cli` in `/opt/noblogs`, the
following commands will upgrade the database schema for all blogs:
$ /opt/noblogs/bin/on-all-blogs upgrade
Note that this requires passwordless SSH access to the backend
servers. Otherwise you can always run
$ /opt/noblogs/bin/on-local-blogs upgrade
manually on each backend.
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