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### Plugins
NoBlogs uses tons of plugins:
- ai-remove-notifications: disable "Notify the blog admin of a user changing password, normally via
- [akismet]( Akismet checks your comments and contact form
submissions against our global database of spam to protect you and your site from malicious
- [bogo]( multi-lingual plugin.
- (ai) bp-custom: something for buddypress avatars
- [bp-mpo-activity-filter]( More Privacy
Options is a plugin for WPMu that allows blog owners to fine-tune their blog’s privacy settings,
expanding on the default privacy settings offered in the WP core.
- [buddypress]( BuddyPress helps site builders and
WordPress developers add community features to their websites, with user profile fields, activity
streams, messaging, and notifications.
- (ai) buddypress-ai-plugin: some privacy oriented filtering.
- [creative-commons-license-widget](
Adds a sidebar widget to display creative commons license (supports all 3.0 licenses).
- [disable-comments]( Allows administrators to
globally disable comments on their site. Comments can be disabled according to post
type. Multisite friendly. Provides tool to delete all comments or according to post type.
- (ai) eu-compliance-banner: eu comliance banner
- [event-list]( Manage your events and show them on
your site.
- event-calendar: Events-Calendar is a versatile replacement for the original WordPress calendar
adding many useful functions to keep track of your events.
- [exclude-plugins]( Exclude plugins from appearing
in plugins menu for normal user in WordPress multisite.
- [avh-extended-categories-widget]( The
AVH Extended Categories Widgets gives you three widgets for displaying categories.
- [feedwordpress]( FeedWordPress syndicates content
from feeds you choose into your WordPress weblog.
- [flattr]( This plugin allows you to easily add a Flattr
donation buttons to your blog and blog posts.
- (ai) i-love-xm24-ribbon
- [mathjax-latex]( This plugin enables mathjax
functionality for WordPress.
- [nextgen-gallery]( The most popular WordPress
gallery plugin and one of the most popular plugins of all time with over 17 million downloads.
- [nofollow-free]( NoFollow Free removes the
"nofollow" tag from your Wordpress blog's comments with a lot of custom options and provides the
option to insert a "NoFollow Free" band at the top of your blog.
- (ai) [nospam]( IP-Agnostic anti-spam filter.
- [oembed-provider]( An oEmbed provider for
- [privacy-share-buttons]( Enables the
well-known "Share this" buttons for different social networks, but with respect toward's your user
privacy and data.
- [PubSubHubbub]( A better way to tell the world when
your blog is updated.
- [rss-license]( Allows one to include the wpLicense
copyright in blog feeds.
- [simple-share-buttons-adder]( A simple
plugin that enables you to add share buttons to all of your posts and/or pages.
- [simply-exclude]( Provides an interface to
selectively exclude/include Post Types, Taxonomies and Authors 4 actions used by WordPress.
- [solr-for-wordpress]( A WordPress plugin that
replaces the default WordPress search with Solr.
- [soundcloud-shortcode]( WordPress plugin for
converting SoundCloud shortcodes into Embedded Players.
- [video-sidebar-widgets]( A collection of
sidebar widgets for displaying Flash Videos from 14 video sharing networks.
- [widget-logic]( Widget Logic lets you control on
which pages widgets appear using WP's conditional tags. It also adds a 'widget_content' filter.
- (ai) remove-gravatar
- [wordpress-importer]( Import posts, pages,
comments, custom fields, categories, tags and more from a WordPress export file.
- [wordpress-popular-posts]( A highly
customizable, easy-to-use popular posts widget!
- [wordpress-sentry]( WordPress Sentry client.
- [wp-footnotes]( Allows post authors to easily
add and manage footnotes in posts.
- [wp-piwik]( add Piwik stats to your blog.
- wp-recaptcha: Integrates reCAPTCHA anti-spam methods with WordPress including comment and
registration spam protection.
- [wp-recaptcha-bp]( Integrates reCAPTCHA anti-spam
methods with WordPress sites using BuddyPress plugin, including comment and registration spam
- [wp-statusnet]( Posts your blog posts to one or
multiple servers and even to Twitter.
- [wp-supercache]( A very fast caching engine for
WordPress that produces static html files.
- wp-super-memcache: ?
- [wp-syntax]( WP-Syntax provides clean syntax
highlighting for embedding source code within pages or posts.
- [wp2pgpmail]( A simple PGP Mail Form Plugin. Enter your
PGP public key, then visitors will be able to send you PGP encrypted messages by mail from a form.
- [wpdb-profiling]( This plugin will give you the
total number of queries to the db per page, as well as the total time it took to render those
queries out to the page.
- [wpmu-custom-css]( WPMU Custom CSS is a plugin for
wordpress mu that helps bloggers to edit their theme style securely. Just like
custom css paid upgrade.
- [wpmu-new-blog-defaults]( Allows site
administrator to set the defaults for all new blogs created on server.
Mu plugins:
- ai-embed: Add oembed provider and embed short.
- [disable-emojis]( This plugin disables the new
WordPress emoji functionality.
- [disable-updates]( Disable All WordPress
- [more-privacy-options]( WP3.0 multisite
"mu-plugin" to add more privacy options to the options-privacy and ms-blogs pages.
- [noblogs-wp-ssl]( Rewrite internal URLS to use HTTPS.
## Installation
In this installation example, we assume you have at least 3 servers;
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