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add an about page that is specific to the website

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......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ site/documentation/index.html: $(SOURCES)
< htmlout/single_page.html \
> $@
site/index.html: about.rst
site/index.html: about_site.rst
-mkdir -p site
rst2html --template=$(SITE_TEMPLATE_FILE) $^ > $@
NoSpam is a service for real-time detection of blog comment spam.
It works without relying on the reputation of the submitter's IP
address, which is a common limitation in the more popular spam
filtering services that doesn't allow for anonymous publication.
The filtering is based on a mix of Bayesian classification,
analysis of external URLs, and a simple rule engine. We feel that
its results are accurate enough, even without having the poster's
IP address available.
This software was heavily inspired by
` <>`_ and it actually offers a
compatible `XML-RPC API <documentation>`_.
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