Commit 578b9501 authored by sand's avatar sand
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httpd integration test for .htaccess restrictions

parent 1ab7c127
AuthType SSO
Require user testuser
......@@ -164,6 +164,20 @@ class HttpdIntegrationTest(unittest.TestCase):
"status": 302,
"http_host": "",
"location": ""}),
("protected-htaccess -> redirect",
{"url": "/protected-htaccess/index.html",
"status": 302,
"location": ""}),
("protected-htaccess with cookie -> ok",
{"url": "/protected-htaccess/index.html",
"cookie": mkcookie(self._ticket()),
"status": 200,
"body": "ok"}),
("protected-htaccess with cookie wrong user -> fail",
{"url": "/protected-htaccess/index.html",
"cookie": mkcookie(self._ticket(user="wronguser")),
"status": 401 }),
for name, check in checks:
status, body, location = _query(check["url"],
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