Commit 9dc1095a authored by ale's avatar ale

remove extra base64 encodings from mod_sso integration test

parent 45fd3834
#!/usr/bin/python #!/usr/bin/python
import base64
import httplib import httplib
import os import os
import subprocess import subprocess
...@@ -147,14 +146,13 @@ class HttpdIntegrationTest(unittest.TestCase): ...@@ -147,14 +146,13 @@ class HttpdIntegrationTest(unittest.TestCase):
# test the /sso_login endpoint # test the /sso_login endpoint
conn = httplib.HTTPConnection("", 33000) conn = httplib.HTTPConnection("", 33000)
tkt = self._ticket() tkt = self._ticket()
tkt_enc = base64.b64encode(tkt)
conn.request("GET", "/sso_login?%s" % urllib.urlencode( conn.request("GET", "/sso_login?%s" % urllib.urlencode(
{"t": tkt_enc, "d": ""})) {"t": tkt, "d": ""}))
resp = conn.getresponse() resp = conn.getresponse()
self.assertEquals(302, resp.status) self.assertEquals(302, resp.status)
set_cookie = resp.getheader("Set-Cookie") set_cookie = resp.getheader("Set-Cookie")
self.assertTrue(set_cookie) self.assertTrue(set_cookie)
self.assertTrue(tkt_enc in set_cookie) self.assertTrue(tkt in set_cookie)
conn.close() conn.close()
# test the /sso_logout endpoint # test the /sso_logout endpoint
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