Commit b5ad9abf authored by ale's avatar ale

Document the authentication module API

parent 877e7c5b
......@@ -32,10 +32,41 @@ class AuthBase(object):
self.config = config
def authenticate(self, username, password, otp=None):
"""Authenticate a user.
username: username (utf-8 encoded string).
password: password (utf-8 encoded string).
otp: OTP token, if provided by the user. Note that this
should be a string, not an integer.
A boolean result indicating successful authentication.
return False
def match_groups(self, username, groups):
"""Match user groups against requested ones.
username: username (utf-8 encoded string).
groups: collection (list, set) of requested groups. Group
names are strings.
An unsorted collection (set) containing the intersection of
the groups that the user is a member of and the requested
return set()
def get_user_email(self, username):
"""Return the email address associated with a user.
The SAML module requires this information: some endpoints
(Gitlab, for instance) make use of it to match local records.
username: username (utf-8 encoded string).
The email address associated with the user, or None.
return None
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