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Show example of how to upload a static website from Gitlab CI

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......@@ -196,3 +196,28 @@ You can connect with the **'WebDAV Nav'** App (free or pro version), which you w
4. Click "Save".
5. Now you can see a window with the name you've chosen: click on it, and if you visualize a window with light-blue folders, it means you
are connected.
Gitlab CI
If you're using a Gitlab instance to manage the sources of your static
website, you might find it convenient to automatically upload new
versions of the site on every change. You can use the
tool to upload your website, or the result of your site rendering
process, with a `.gitlab-ci.yml` file such as the following:
stage: deploy
- ./
- pip3 install git+
- webdav-upload --user="$WEBDAV_USER" --password="$WEBDAV_PASSWORD" --url "$WEBDAV_USER/" output html-mywebsite
In the above example the site is built with the hypothetical
** script, then the contents of the *output* directory
are uploaded to the *html-mywebsite* directory on the server, in the
WebDAV space belonging to WEBDAV_USER.
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