Commit 1ef2b30d authored by ale's avatar ale
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Use /bin/sh to start ldap server

parent 1e65a623
......@@ -49,9 +49,13 @@ ldap.port=%d
`, config.Base, config.Base, config.Port)
defer tmpf.Close()
args := []string{tmpf.Name()}
args := []string{
filepath.Join(config.Dir, "unboundid-ldap-server/bin/unboundid-ldap-server"),
args = append(args, config.LDIFs...)
proc := exec.Command(filepath.Join(config.Dir, "unboundid-ldap-server/bin/unboundid-ldap-server"), args...)
// Use /bin/sh so that the script doesn't have to be executable.
proc := exec.Command("/bin/sh", args...)
proc.Stdout = os.Stdout
proc.Stderr = os.Stderr
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