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Add go.mod, switch to github url for ldap pkg

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......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ import (
ldaputil ""
ct ""
as ""
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ import (
ldap ""
as ""
......@@ -3,8 +3,8 @@ package ldapbackend
import (
as ""
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ import (
// Generic interface to LDAP - allows us to stub out the LDAP client while
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ import (
// queryTemplate is the template for a single parametrized LDAP query.
go 1.15
require ( v0.0.0-20210109162342-daf4a31c8d05 v0.0.0-20200630154205-9f45389dbd94 v0.0.0-20200212081728-3d44524ae2e5 v0.0.0-20190630084805-a218499d322a v0.0.0-20200209112823-95a30f3b610e v0.0.0-20170618053812-56ef0af91246 // indirect v0.0.0-20180710155616-bc664df96737 // indirect v3.2.4 v0.0.0-20180509200213-57af0be209c5 v0.0.0-20190326042056-d6156e141ac6 // indirect v0.0.0-20190716071503-d6f416f91c46 // indirect v0.0.0-20180306012644-bacd9c7ef1dd // indirect v0.0.0-20180815053127-5633e0862627 v2.0.5+incompatible // indirect v1.0.0 v1.9.0 v0.1.1 v0.0.0-20201221181555-eec23a3978ad v0.0.0-20200625001655-4c5254603344 v0.0.0-20190226205417-e64efc72b421 // indirect v0.0.0-20201207232520-09787c993a3a v1.0.0-20190902080502-41f04d3bba15 // indirect v2.3.0
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language: go
- 1.11.x
- make install-tools
- make travis-ci
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