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Return a better error on GPG key identity mismatches

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......@@ -436,17 +436,23 @@ func parseOpenPGPKey(data []byte, email string) (key *crypto.Key, err error) {
// Verify that the key matches the user identity.
// Verify that the key matches the user identity. Try to
// return a nice error if this step fails.
entity := key.GetEntity()
var found bool
var identities []string
for _, identity := range entity.Identities {
identities = append(identities, identity.UserId.Email)
if identity.UserId.Email == email {
found = true
if !found {
err = errors.New("key identity does not match user")
err = fmt.Errorf(
"key identity (%s) does not match user %s",
strings.Join(identities, ", "),
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