Commit 26bf9cc7 authored by ale's avatar ale
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Add an alert to spot potentially compromised email accounts

parent 1e21bef5
- name: roles/ai3-prometheus/files/rules/alerts_spammers.conf
- alert: PotentiallyCompromisedAccount
expr: sum(delta(postfix_ratelimited_users_total[1h])) by (sender) > 10
for: 2h
severity: page
scope: global
runbook: '[[ alert_playbook_url ]]/PotentiallyCompromisedAccount'
summary: '[SECURITY] Potentially compromised account {{$labels.sender}}'
description: |
The email account '{{$labels.sender}}' has been repeatedly
hitting our outbound SMTP rate limits, which is usually a
sign of a spammer trying to abuse a compromised account.
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