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Changes following the reclassification of the auth-server service

Since auth-server is now part of the low level infra, it no longer
exists as a float service, so we have to manually create its LDAP
parent f8ec1890
- { role: float-infra-auth-server }
......@@ -11,6 +11,13 @@ sn: replica
cn: replica
userPassword: {crypt}{{ '%s' | format(ldap_replica_password) | password_hash('sha512', 'OTlOkehTZYxKDUAq') }}
dn: cn=authserver,ou=Operators,dc=investici,dc=org,o=Anarchy
objectClass: top
objectClass: person
sn: authserver
cn: authserver
userPassword: {crypt}{{ '%s' | format(ldap_authserver_password) | password_hash('sha512', 'OTlOkehTZYxKDUAq') }}
Automatically generate objects for LDAP service credentials.
......@@ -157,11 +157,6 @@ redis:
port: 9121
scheme: http
# Extend the auth-server spec with LDAP credentials.
- name: authserver
# Modify the sso-server spec to put its public endpoint on accounts/sso.
num_instances: all
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