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Use S6 instead of chaperone

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......@@ -7,13 +7,11 @@ COPY smtpd.go .
RUN go build -o smtpd smtpd.go
# Stage 2: build the final container
COPY /tmp/
COPY ai-lurker-ui.patch /tmp/ai-lurker-ui.patch
COPY conf/ /etc/
COPY --from=build /go/src/smtpd /usr/bin/smtpd
RUN /tmp/ && rm /tmp/ /tmp/ai-lurker-ui.patch
COPY logo.png /var/lib/lurker-www-orig/logo.png
ENTRYPOINT ["/usr/local/bin/chaperone"]
lurker-prune.service: {
type: cron,
interval: "*/15 * * * *",
command: "/usr/bin/lurker-prune",
smtpd.service: {
command: "/usr/bin/smtpd",
exit_kills: true,
lurker_setup.service: {
type: oneshot,
stdout: inherit,
service_groups: INIT,
process_timeout: 60,
command: "/",
while true; do
sleep $period
#!/usr/bin/execlineb -S0
s6-svscanctl -t /var/run/s6/services
exec /usr/bin/smtpd
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