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Preseed mailman, install all languages

parent 5786a70d
......@@ -49,6 +49,12 @@ fi
set -e
# Preseed debconf for mailman. Install all languages.
debconf-set-selections <<EOF
mailman mailman/default_server_language select en
mailman mailman/site_languages multiselect ar (Arabic), ca (Catalan), cs (Czech), da (Danish), de (German), en (English), es (Spanish), et (Estonian), eu (Basque), fi (Finnish), fr (French), hr (Croatian), hu (Hungarian), ia (Interlingua), it (Italian), ja (Japanese), ko (Korean), lt (Lithuanian), nl (Dutch), no (Norwegian), pl (Polish), pt (Portuguese), pt_BR (Brasilian Portuguese), ro (Romanian), ru (Russian), sl (Slovenian), sr (Serbian), sv (Swedish), tr (Turkish), uk (Ukrainian), vi (Vietnamese), zh_CN (Chinese - China), zh_TW (Chinese - Taiwan)
install_packages ${BUILD_PACKAGES} ${PACKAGES}
# Install the configuration, overlayed over /etc.
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