Commit 85e4c47b authored by ale's avatar ale
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Initialize the site list at startup

parent c8c5291e
......@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@ FROM
COPY conf /tmp/conf
COPY /tmp/
COPY apply-forced-params /usr/local/bin/apply-forced-params
RUN /tmp/ && rm -fr /tmp/ /tmp/conf
mailman_setup.service: {
type: oneshot,
stdout: inherit,
service_groups: INIT,
process_timeout: 600,
command: "/",
# Check that /data is mounted and looks usable.
if [ ! -d /data/lists ]; then
echo "/data does not look usable"
exit 1
# Initialize the site list if necessary.
if [ ! -e /data/lists/mailman ]; then
echo "initializing site list..."
# The site list password can optionally be passed in
# /etc/mailman/site_pass.
if [ -e /etc/mailman/site_pass ]; then
password=`cat /etc/mailman/site_pass`
/var/lib/mailman/bin/newlist -q mailman "$password"
exit 0
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