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Use single-host Thanos port allocation

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......@@ -4,6 +4,9 @@ docker-thanos
A Docker image to run Thanos. All Thanos components are run by default on
container startup, individual components can be disabled via the environment.
Component ports are configured as described here:
The following environment variables are understood:
thanos-query.service: {
command: "/usr/sbin/thanos query --http-address=$(QUERY_HTTP_ADDRESS:- --grpc-address=$(QUERY_GRPC_ADDRESS:-*.yml $(QUERY_FLAGS)",
command: "/usr/sbin/thanos query --http-address=$(QUERY_HTTP_ADDRESS:- --grpc-address=$(QUERY_GRPC_ADDRESS:-*.yml $(QUERY_FLAGS:-)",
enabled: "$(QUERY_OFF:|false|true)",
kill_signal: SIGTERM,
exit_kills: true,
thanos-sidecar.service: {
command: "/usr/sbin/thanos sidecar --http-address=$(SIDECAR_HTTP_ADDRESS:- --grpc-address=$(SIDECAR_GRPC_ADDRESS:- $(SIDECAR_FLAGS)",
command: "/usr/sbin/thanos sidecar --http-address=$(SIDECAR_HTTP_ADDRESS:- --grpc-address=$(SIDECAR_GRPC_ADDRESS:- $(SIDECAR_FLAGS:-)",
enabled: "$(SIDECAR_OFF:|false|true)",
kill_signal: SIGTERM,
exit_kills: true,
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