Commit d7cedd58 authored by godog's avatar godog

Merge branch '0.17.2' into 'master'

Upgrade to 0.17.2, add query-frontend

See merge request !1
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......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ BUILD_PACKAGES="curl dpkg-dev rsync"
# The default bitnami/minideb image defines an 'install_packages'
# command which is just a convenient helper. Define our own in
thanos-query-frontend.service: {
command: "/usr/sbin/thanos query-frontend --http-address=$(QUERY_FRONTEND_HTTP_ADDRESS:- --query-frontend.downstream-url=$(QUERY_FRONTEND_DOWNSTREAM_URL:-http://localhost:10904) --query-frontend.compress-responses $(QUERY_FRONTEND_FLAGS:-)",
enabled: "$(QUERY_FRONTEND_OFF:|[yt]*|false|true)",
kill_signal: SIGTERM,
exit_kills: true,
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