Commit 17d7c3a7 authored by ale's avatar ale

Merge branch 'ipmi' into 'master'

base: add ipmi support and autodetection

See merge request !98
parents 47364b63 e595e8f0
Pipeline #6175 failed with stages
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- name: Install ipmitool packages and dependency
name: "{{ item }}"
state: present
- 'ipmitool'
- 'gawk' # prometheus-node-exporter-ipmitool-sensor dependency
- name: Enable prometheus node-exporter ipmitool sensor
name: prometheus-node-exporter-ipmitool-sensor.timer
state: started
enabled: yes
......@@ -78,3 +78,11 @@
- import_tasks: backup.yml
- import_tasks: cleanup.yml
- name: Check ipmi availability
path: "/dev/ipmi0"
register: ipmi_device
- import_tasks: ipmi.yml
when: ipmi_device.stat.exists == true
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