Commit 21d367a0 authored by ale's avatar ale

Increase default Prometheus tsdb retention horizon

To 90 days by default (configurable with prometheus_tsdb_retention).
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......@@ -10,3 +10,6 @@ alertmanager_smtp_require_tls: false
alertmanager_smtp_hello: "localhost"
alertmanager_smtp_auth_username: ""
alertmanager_smtp_auth_password: ""
# Keep 3 months of timeseries data by default.
prometheus_tsdb_retention: "90d"
ARGS="--web.external-url=https://monitor.{{ domain_public[0] }}"
ARGS="--storage.tsdb.retention={{ prometheus_tsdb_retention }} --web.external-url=https://monitor.{{ domain_public[0] }}"
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