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On the read path, [Thanos]( is used to merge results from
multiple Prometheus instances.
## Alert delivery
The only supported mechanism for alert delivery right now is
email. The alertmanager performs its own SMTP delivery. You're
encouraged to use an external SMTP service for this purpose, to ensure
that you're not trying to deliver alerts over the same email
infrastructure you are monitoring.
Email delivery can be configured through the following variables:
* `alert_email` is the address that should receive email alerts
* `alertmanager_smtp_from` is the sender address to use for alert
* `alertmanager_smtp_smarthost` is the server to use for outbound SMTP
* `alertmanager_smtp_require_tls` should be set to *true* if the
server requires TLS
* `alertmanager_smtp_auth_username` and
`alertmanager_smtp_auth_password` are the credentials for
* `alertmanager_smtp_hello` is the hostname to use in the HELO SMTP
header sent to the server (default: *localhost*)
If *alert_email* is left empty, alertmanager won't deliver any alerts
but it will still be active and functional (via *amtool*).
## Customizing alerts
A few alerting rules are provided by default
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