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Add instructions on how to upgrade Debian distribution

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Upgrading the Debian distribution used for *float*
Float generally targets the current Debian *stable* distribution, but
it uses explicit distribution names (*stretch*, *buster*, etc) to
avoid unexpected dist-upgrades.
Whenever the Debian stable version changes, you should probably
upgrade your servers too. There is support for this as a multi-step
* Set *float_debian_dist* to the new codename (e.g. "buster") in your
group_vars/all configuration.
* Run *float*, which will install the correct APT sources for the new
* Run *apt dist-upgrade* manually or via Ansible. This part is not
automated yet due to the large variety in possible scenarios.
* Run *float* again: it will now detect that the distribution has
changed and reconfigure packages as needed.
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