Commit a0ad142e authored by godog's avatar godog

Merge branch 'podman-repo' into 'master'

docker: switch podman repository

See merge request !133
parents 0896c024 292a4744
Pipeline #7853 passed with stages
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# TODO: switch to keyserver once the apt_key --no-tty bug in Ansible is fixed.
- name: Install podman repository key
- name: Remove podman repository key
id: 2472D6D0D2F66AF87ABA8DA34D64390375060AA4
url: ''
state: present
state: absent
- name: Install podman repository
- name: Remove opensuse podman repository
repo: "deb /"
state: absent
- name: Install podman repository
repo: "deb buster-podman/"
state: present
- name: Install podman packages
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