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Merge branch 'ci-cpu' into 'master'

ci: bump CPUs available to VMs

See merge request !214
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......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ variables:
${APT_PROXY:+-e config.apt_proxy=${APT_PROXY}}
- with-ssh-key ./scripts/ ${LIBVIRT:+--ssh $LIBVIRT} --inventory $BUILD_DIR/hosts.yml --ram 2048 --image ${VM_IMAGE:-buster} up
- with-ssh-key ./scripts/ ${LIBVIRT:+--ssh $LIBVIRT} --inventory $BUILD_DIR/hosts.yml --ram 2048 --cpu 2 --image ${VM_IMAGE:-buster} up
- with-ssh-key ./test-driver init --no-vagrant $BUILD_DIR
- with-ssh-key ./test-driver run $BUILD_DIR
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