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Add custom RAID monitoring and alerts

We basically only care to watch for devices in 'degraded' md state.
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#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -eu
for MD_DEVICE in /dev/md/*; do
# Subshell to avoid eval'd variables from leaking between iterations
# Resolve symlink to discover device, e.g. /dev/md127
MD_DEVICE_NUM=$(readlink -f "${MD_DEVICE}")
# Remove /dev/ prefix
# Query sysfs for info about md device
MD_LAYOUT=$(cat "${SYSFS_BASE}/layout")
MD_LEVEL=$(cat "${SYSFS_BASE}/level")
MD_METADATA_VERSION=$(cat "${SYSFS_BASE}/metadata_version")
MD_NUM_RAID_DISKS=$(cat "${SYSFS_BASE}/raid_disks")
# Remove 'raid' prefix from RAID level
# Output RAID array informational metric.
# NOTE: Metadata version is a label rather than a separate metric because the version can be a string
echo "node_md_info{md_device=\"${MD_DEVICE_NUM}\", md_name=\"${MD_DEVICE}\", raid_level=\"${MD_LEVEL}\", md_metadata_version=\"${MD_METADATA_VERSION}\"} 1"
# Fetch sync state and metrics.
SYNC_STATE=$(cat "${SYSFS_BASE}/sync_action")
echo "node_md_sync_state{md_device=\"${MD_DEVICE_NUM}\",sync_state=\"${SYNC_STATE}\"} 1"
SYNC_SPEED=$(cat "${SYSFS_BASE}/sync_speed")
if [ "$SYNC_SPEED" = "none" ]; then
echo "node_md_sync_speed{md_device=\"${MD_DEVICE_NUM}\"} ${SYNC_SPEED}"
DEGRADED=$(cat "${SYSFS_BASE}/degraded")
echo "node_md_degraded{md_device=\"${MD_DEVICE_NUM}\"} ${DEGRADED}"
ARGS="--collectors.enabled=conntrack,diskstats,entropy,filefd,filesystem,loadavg,mdadm,meminfo,netdev,netstat,sockstat,stat,systemd,textfile,time,uname,vmstat \
ARGS="--collectors.enabled=conntrack,diskstats,entropy,filefd,filesystem,loadavg,meminfo,netdev,netstat,sockstat,stat,systemd,textfile,time,uname,vmstat \
--collector.diskstats.ignored-devices=^(ram|loop|fd)\d+$ \
--collector.filesystem.ignored-mount-points=^/(sys|proc|dev|run)($|/) \"
......@@ -10,3 +10,11 @@ groups:
summary: "Disk {{ $labels.disk }} on {{ $ }} is unhealthy"
description: "Disk {{ $labels.disk }} on {{ $ }} is reporting unhealthy SMART status and might need to be replaced."
- alert: RAIDDeviceUnhealthy
expr: node_md_degraded > 0
for: 15m
severity: warn
summary: "RAID device {{ $labels.md_device }} on {{ $ }} is unhealthy"
description: "The RAID device {{ $labels.md_device }} on {{ $ }} is reporting a degraded state, which means that probably one or more of the disks in the array have failed."
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