Commit c1277173 authored by ale's avatar ale

Merge branch 'mtail-buster' into 'master'

base: force older mtail version on buster

See merge request !73
parents f83712e2 e41174bb
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Package: mtail
Pin: release n=ai3
Pin-Priority: 1001
# mtail 3.0.0~rc19-2 on Buster is broken when reading from named pipes
# Pin mtail to ai3 repo that ships mtail 3.0.0~rc5-1~bpo9+1
- name: Force mtail version on buster
src: "mtail.apt-preferences"
dest: "/etc/apt/preferences.d/99float-syslog"
when: float_debian_dist == 'buster'
# Install rsyslog from the backports repository. This isn't strictly
# necessary but it is done to have the same version of rsyslog on all
# hosts, including the log-collector.
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