Commit 0044094a authored by ale's avatar ale
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Fix default obj-type

parent b076c1ec
......@@ -27,9 +27,9 @@ var (
fromDate = flag.String("from", "-1h", "start `date`")
toDate = flag.String("to", "", "end `date` (default now, otherwise relative to --from)")
doDumpQuery = flag.Bool("dump-query", false, "don't do anything, just print the ES query as JSON")
batchSize = flag.Int("batch-size", 10000, "ES scroll batch `size`")
batchSize = flag.Int("batch-size", 1000, "ES scroll batch `size`")
indexFmt = flag.String("index-format", "logstash-2006.01.02", "ES index `format` string, as supported by Go time.Format()")
objType = flag.String("obj-type", "events", "ES index object `type`")
objType = flag.String("obj-type", "_doc", "ES index object `type`")
isoTimestamps = flag.Bool("iso", false, "dump ISO timestamps")
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