Commit c335bf2c authored by ale's avatar ale

Use backup --force with --stdin

Avoids an expensive lookup of the previous snapshot.
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...@@ -209,7 +209,8 @@ func datasetStdinPath(ds *Dataset) string { ...@@ -209,7 +209,8 @@ func datasetStdinPath(ds *Dataset) string {
func (r *resticRepository) BackupStreamCmd(backup *Backup, ds *Dataset) string { func (r *resticRepository) BackupStreamCmd(backup *Backup, ds *Dataset) string {
fakePath := datasetStdinPath(ds) fakePath := datasetStdinPath(ds)
return fmt.Sprintf( return fmt.Sprintf(
"%s backup --no-cache %s --stdin --stdin-filename %s", // The --force prevents restic from trying to find a previous snapshot.
"%s backup --no-cache %s --force --stdin --stdin-filename %s",
r.resticCmd(), r.resticCmd(),
resticBackupTags(backup, ds), resticBackupTags(backup, ds),
fakePath, fakePath,
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