Commit c4a888c7 authored by godog's avatar godog
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Use . as separator for filename when streaming to restic

Restic 0.9.3 fails when --stdin-filename contains slashes:

repository 954a4e61 opened successfully, password is correct
error: file does not exist
Fatal: unable to save snapshot: snapshot is empty
parent 68b1a8ae
......@@ -191,7 +191,7 @@ func (r *resticRepository) BackupStream(ctx context.Context, backup Backup, ds D
// Try to do the obvious thing with naming.
name := ds.Name
if len(ds.Atoms) == 1 {
name = fmt.Sprintf("%s/%s", ds.Name, ds.Atoms[0].Name)
name = fmt.Sprintf("%s.%s", ds.Name, ds.Atoms[0].Name)
return, fmt.Sprintf(
"%s backup --stdin --stdin-filename %s",
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