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will result in a zone containing an A record and an MX record for each
entry defined in *SERVERS*.
## Usage
The *zonetool* command-line tool is invoked by passing the YAML zone
configs as arguments, e.g.:
zonetool zone1.yml zone2.yml
It's possible to specify a global configuration file to define global
variables with the *--config* flag.
This will by default generate the output Bind zone files in the
current directory, which is probably not what you want. To set the
output directory use the *--output-dir* option. If necessary, zonetool
can take over full control of the *--output-dir* directory, and delete
files in it that are no longer used (old zones that have been
removed), by specifying the *--delete* option.
For convenience, the tool will also generate a *named.conf* file to
load the zones, whose location can be controlled using the
*--named-conf* option. This makes certain assumptions on the Bind
setup: the generated config will create *master* zones with
*allow-query* set to *any*. It is possible to set *update-policy*
attributes on the zone configs by passing one or more
*--update-policy* flags: the same values will apply to all zones.
Finally, there are a number of options to control DNSSEC generation,
documented in more detail by *zonetool --help*.
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