Commit 4b3b1290 authored by ale's avatar ale
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Add Go module support

parent 97221e85
require ( v1.5.0 v0.0.0-20180310210909-975f53781597 v0.0.0-20170810143723-de5bf2ad4578 v0.0.0-20181012154424-680b6a57bda4 v0.0.0-20190904063534-ff6b7dc882cf v0.0.0-20171128162732-e53336930665 v0.0.0-20190923125748-758128399b1d v0.0.0-20190926025831-c00fd9afed17 v0.0.0-20190829152558-3d0f7978add9
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