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# pjobs
Persistent Distributed Job Priority Queue for [golang]( powered by [Disque](
- **Persistent** - Jobs can be persisted on disk.
- **Distributed** - Multiple producers, multiple consumers.
- **Job Priority Queue** - Consumers dequeue "high" priority jobs first.
- **Tolerant to consumer failures** - Jobs are requeued automatically if not ACKed within the Retry Timeout.
**This project is in early development stage. You can expect changes to both functionality and the API. Feedback welcome!**
## Disque
Install & run [Disque]( server.
*TODO: Explain how to enable disk persistence.*
## Producers
// Connect to Disque server.
jobs, _ := pjobs.Connect("")
// Enqueue job (data + priority).
job, _ := jobs.Enqueue("data", "low")
job, _ := jobs.Enqueue("data", "high")
## Consumers
// Connect to Disque server.
jobs, _ := pjobs.Connect("")
// Dequeue job ("high" priority jobs first).
job, _ := jobs.Dequeue("high", "low")
// Do some hard work with job.Data.
// Acknowledge that job was processed successfully.
## License
Pjobs is licensed under the [MIT License](./LICENSE).
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