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Merge pull request #1 from goware/travis

Add Travis with Disque server
parents 5715d525 a2deb336
language: go
- 1.4
- tip
- sudo apt-get install tcl8.5
- git clone disque_server
- "cd disque_server/src && make && PREFIX=../ make install && cd -"
- "./disque_server/bin/disque-server &"
- ./disque_server/bin/disque PING
- go get
- glock sync -n < Glockfile
- go test 535138d7bcd717d6531c701ef5933d98b1866257
# disque
Persistent Distributed Job Priority Queue for [golang]( powered by [Disque](
[Golang]( client for [Disque](, the Persistent Distributed Job Priority Queue.
- **Persistent** - Jobs can be either in-memory or persisted on disk<sup>[[1]](</sup>.
- **Distributed** - Multiple producers, multiple consumers.
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