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......@@ -12,6 +12,38 @@ Building the server
From the `gostatsd/` directory run `go build`. The binary will be built in place
and called `gostatsd`
Running the server
`gostatsd -help` gives a complete description of available options and their
Sending metrics
The server listens for UDP packets on the address given by the `-l` flag,
aggregates them, then sends them to graphite server address given by the `-g`
The format of each metric is:
<bucket name>:<value>|<type>\n
* `<bucket name>` is a string like `abc.def.g`, just like a graphite bucket name
* `<value>` is a string representation of a floating point number
* `<type>` is one of `c`, `g`, or `ms` for "counter", "gauge", and "timer"
A single packet can contain multiple metrics, each ending with a newline.
A simple way to test your installation or send metrics from a script is to use
`echo` and the [netcat][netcat] utility `nc`:
echo 'abc.def.g:10|c' | nc -w1 -u localhost 8125
Currently you can get some basic idea of the status of the server by visiting the
address given by the `-c` option with your web browser.
Using the library
In your source code:
......@@ -23,3 +55,4 @@
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