Commit 5e4f3452 authored by ale's avatar ale

add Go wrapper for imms-c

parent 08a20b7c
package imms
// #cgo CFLAGS: -I/usr/local/include
// #cgo LDFLAGS: -L/usr/local/lib -limms-c
// #include <imms-c.h>
import "C"
import "unsafe"
type StreamAnalyzer struct {
ptr C.imms_analyzer_t
func NewStreamAnalyzer() *StreamAnalyzer {
return &StreamAnalyzer{C.imms_stream_analyzer_new()}
func (s *StreamAnalyzer) Process(data []byte) {
dataPtr := (*C.char)(unsafe.Pointer(&data[0]))
C.imms_stream_analyzer_process(s.ptr, dataPtr,
func (s *StreamAnalyzer) GetResult() *Features {
return &Features{C.imms_stream_analyzer_get_result(s.ptr)}
func (s *StreamAnalyzer) Close() {
type Features struct {
ptr C.imms_features_t
func (f *Features) Data() []byte {
n := C.imms_features_data_size()
buf := make([]byte, n)
bufPtr := (*C.char)(unsafe.Pointer(&buf[0]))
C.imms_features_data(f.ptr, bufPtr, n)
return buf
func (f *Features) Close() {
type SimilarityModel struct {
ptr C.imms_similarity_model_t
func NewSimilarityModel() *SimilarityModel {
return &SimilarityModel{C.imms_similarity_model_new()}
func (m *SimilarityModel) Eval(a, b *Features) float32 {
score := C.imms_similarity_model_evaluate(m.ptr, a.ptr, b.ptr)
return float32(score)
func (m *SimilarityModel) Close() {
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