Casual file sharing via Tor Hidden Service.

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Share your files anonymously via the Tor network.

It's just a script that will set up a system (for instance, a VM dedicated to this purpose) with Owncloud on the public IP and a simple HTTP server on a Tor Hidden Service. Some effort has been spent into making sure that the hidden HTTP server does not leak information about the public IP, but please do not try to leak life-or-death documents with this! There are far more serious ways to do that. The objective of this software is to facilitate casual sharing via the Tor Hidden Service network.


Step 1: Get a cheap VM somewhere and install a bare-bones, minimal Debian stable. Encrypt it if you're paranoid. OnionBox might work with other Debian versions and perhaps Ubuntu, but such setups are currently untested.

Step 2: Install OnionBox:

$ git clone http://git.autistici.org/ale/onionbox.git
$ cd onionbox
$ cp config.dist config
$ vi config
$ sudo ./setup.sh

Step 3: ... profit? No, really, you should probably get an Owncloud client from http://owncloud.org/ and use it to synchronize the files you want to share, then using the public Tor2Web network to share links to those files on your Hidden Service.