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Register services with SkyDNS by interfacing with the local systemd.

To register a service running on this host, create a JSON-encoded file in /etc/servicereg, using the LSB naming convention (so, no dots in the file name). This should contain the name of the monitored service and the port it runs on, for example:

    "service": "etcd.service",
    "port": 2379

This will register a service named etcd running on port 2679. The .service suffix is automatically removed from the service name to generate the DNS name, or you can set the name attribute explicitly.

When the etcd.service systemd unit is active, servicereg will create an object in etcd at /skydns/DOMAIN/etcd/HOSTNAME (depending on your settings for the domain and hostname), pointing at the local host, which will be picked up by SkyDNS. As long as the unit is running, the object will be kept fresh with a periodic heartbeat request. Services that are no longer running will be removed by etcd itself when the TTL on the DNS object expires (5 seconds by default).

Options can be set with command line flags, or using environment variables named as the uppercase flag with a SERVICEREG_ prefix.

The program should be run as root if you want to bypass DBus and use a direct connection to systemd. Use the --use-dbus flag otherwise.