Commit 3d44524a authored by ale's avatar ale

Add tracing support to the authentication client

This does *not* add context propagation, just a span representing
the client-side Authenticate call.
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......@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ import (
......@@ -29,19 +30,31 @@ func New(socketPath string) Client {
func (c *socketClient) Authenticate(ctx context.Context, req *auth.Request) (*auth.Response, error) {
// Create a tracing span for the authentication request.
sctx, span := trace.StartSpan(ctx, "auth-server.Authenticate",
defer span.End()
trace.StringAttribute("auth.service", req.Service),
trace.StringAttribute("auth.username", req.Username),
// Retry the request, with backoff, if we get a temporary
// network error.
var resp *auth.Response
err := backoff.Retry(func() error {
var err error
resp, err = c.doAuthenticate(ctx, req)
resp, err = c.doAuthenticate(sctx, req)
if err == nil {
return nil
} else if netErr, ok := err.(net.Error); ok && netErr.Temporary() {
return netErr
return backoff.Permanent(err)
}, backoff.WithContext(backoff.NewExponentialBackOff(), ctx))
}, backoff.WithContext(backoff.NewExponentialBackOff(), sctx))
span.SetStatus(responseToTraceStatus(resp, err))
return resp, err
......@@ -93,3 +106,23 @@ func (c *socketClient) doAuthenticate(ctx context.Context, req *auth.Request) (*
return nil, ctx.Err()
func responseToTraceStatus(resp *auth.Response, err error) trace.Status {
switch err {
case nil:
switch resp.Status {
case auth.StatusOK:
return trace.Status{Code: trace.StatusCodeOK, Message: "OK"}
case auth.StatusInsufficientCredentials:
return trace.Status{Code: trace.StatusCodePermissionDenied, Message: "Insufficient Credentials"}
return trace.Status{Code: trace.StatusCodePermissionDenied, Message: "Authentication Failure"}
case context.Canceled:
return trace.Status{Code: trace.StatusCodeCancelled, Message: "CANCELED"}
case context.DeadlineExceeded:
return trace.Status{Code: trace.StatusCodeDeadlineExceeded, Message: "DEADLINE_EXCEEDED"}
return trace.Status{Code: trace.StatusCodeUnknown, Message: err.Error()}
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