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Update module to v1.14.8

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......@@ -8,6 +8,6 @@ require ( v0.5.5 v1.8.0 // indirect v1.1.0 // indirect v1.14.7 v1.14.8 // indirect v2.4.0
......@@ -124,9 +124,9 @@ extern "C" {
** [sqlite3_libversion_number()], [sqlite3_sourceid()],
** [sqlite_version()] and [sqlite_source_id()].
#define SQLITE_VERSION "3.35.4"
#define SQLITE_SOURCE_ID "2021-04-02 15:20:15 5d4c65779dab868b285519b19e4cf9d451d50c6048f06f653aa701ec212df45e"
#define SQLITE_VERSION "3.36.0"
#define SQLITE_SOURCE_ID "2021-06-18 18:36:39 5c9a6c06871cb9fe42814af9c039eb6da5427a6ec28f187af7ebfb62eafa66e5"
** CAPI3REF: Run-Time Library Version Numbers
......@@ -1129,6 +1129,23 @@ struct sqlite3_io_methods {
** file to the database file, but before the *-shm file is updated to
** record the fact that the pages have been checkpointed.
** </ul>
** whether or not there is a database client in another process with a wal-mode
** transaction open on the database or not. It is only available on unix.The
** (void*) argument passed with this file-control should be a pointer to a
** value of type (int). The integer value is set to 1 if the database is a wal
** mode database and there exists at least one client in another process that
** currently has an SQL transaction open on the database. It is set to 0 if
** the database is not a wal-mode db, or if there is no such connection in any
** other process. This opcode cannot be used to detect transactions opened
** by clients within the current process, only within other processes.
** </ul>
** Used by the cksmvfs VFS module only.
** </ul>
......@@ -1168,6 +1185,8 @@ struct sqlite3_io_methods {
/* deprecated names */
......@@ -4180,6 +4199,15 @@ SQLITE_API const char *sqlite3_normalized_sql(sqlite3_stmt *pStmt);
** [BEGIN] merely sets internal flags, but the [BEGIN|BEGIN IMMEDIATE] and
** [BEGIN|BEGIN EXCLUSIVE] commands do touch the database and so
** sqlite3_stmt_readonly() returns false for those commands.
** ^This routine returns false if there is any possibility that the
** statement might change the database file. ^A false return does
** not guarantee that the statement will change the database file.
** ^For example, an UPDATE statement might have a WHERE clause that
** makes it a no-op, but the sqlite3_stmt_readonly() result would still
** be false. ^Similarly, a CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS statement is a
** read-only no-op if the table already exists, but
** sqlite3_stmt_readonly() still returns false for such a statement.
SQLITE_API int sqlite3_stmt_readonly(sqlite3_stmt *pStmt);
......@@ -4349,18 +4377,22 @@ typedef struct sqlite3_context sqlite3_context;
** contain embedded NULs. The result of expressions involving strings
** with embedded NULs is undefined.
** ^The fifth argument to the BLOB and string binding interfaces
** is a destructor used to dispose of the BLOB or
** string after SQLite has finished with it. ^The destructor is called
** to dispose of the BLOB or string even if the call to the bind API fails,
** except the destructor is not called if the third parameter is a NULL
** pointer or the fourth parameter is negative.
** ^If the fifth argument is
** the special value [SQLITE_STATIC], then SQLite assumes that the
** information is in static, unmanaged space and does not need to be freed.
** ^If the fifth argument has the value [SQLITE_TRANSIENT], then
** SQLite makes its own private copy of the data immediately, before
** the sqlite3_bind_*() routine returns.
** ^The fifth argument to the BLOB and string binding interfaces controls
** or indicates the lifetime of the object referenced by the third parameter.
** These three options exist:
** ^ (1) A destructor to dispose of the BLOB or string after SQLite has finished
** with it may be passed. ^It is called to dispose of the BLOB or string even
** if the call to the bind API fails, except the destructor is not called if
** the third parameter is a NULL pointer or the fourth parameter is negative.
** ^ (2) The special constant, [SQLITE_STATIC], may be passsed to indicate that
** the application remains responsible for disposing of the object. ^In this
** case, the object and the provided pointer to it must remain valid until
** either the prepared statement is finalized or the same SQL parameter is
** bound to something else, whichever occurs sooner.
** ^ (3) The constant, [SQLITE_TRANSIENT], may be passed to indicate that the
** object is to be copied prior to the return from sqlite3_bind_*(). ^The
** object and pointer to it must remain valid until then. ^SQLite will then
** manage the lifetime of its private copy.
** ^The sixth argument to sqlite3_bind_text64() must be one of
......@@ -5102,7 +5134,6 @@ SQLITE_API int sqlite3_reset(sqlite3_stmt *pStmt);
** within VIEWs, TRIGGERs, CHECK constraints, generated column expressions,
** index expressions, or the WHERE clause of partial indexes.
** <span style="background-color:#ffff90;">
** For best security, the [SQLITE_DIRECTONLY] flag is recommended for
** all application-defined SQL functions that do not need to be
** used inside of triggers, view, CHECK constraints, or other elements of
......@@ -5112,7 +5143,6 @@ SQLITE_API int sqlite3_reset(sqlite3_stmt *pStmt);
** a database file to include invocations of the function with parameters
** chosen by the attacker, which the application will then execute when
** the database file is opened and read.
** </span>
** ^(The fifth parameter is an arbitrary pointer. The implementation of the
** function can gain access to this pointer using [sqlite3_user_data()].)^
......@@ -7780,7 +7810,8 @@ SQLITE_API int sqlite3_test_control(int op, ...);
#define SQLITE_TESTCTRL_LAST 31 /* Largest TESTCTRL */
#define SQLITE_TESTCTRL_LAST 32 /* Largest TESTCTRL */
** CAPI3REF: SQL Keyword Checking
......@@ -9532,6 +9563,15 @@ SQLITE_API int sqlite3_db_cacheflush(sqlite3*);
** triggers; or 2 for changes resulting from triggers called by top-level
** triggers; and so forth.
** When the [sqlite3_blob_write()] API is used to update a blob column,
** the pre-update hook is invoked with SQLITE_DELETE. This is because the
** in this case the new values are not available. In this case, when a
** callback made with op==SQLITE_DELETE is actuall a write using the
** sqlite3_blob_write() API, the [sqlite3_preupdate_blobwrite()] returns
** the index of the column being written. In other cases, where the
** pre-update hook is being invoked for some other reason, including a
** regular DELETE, sqlite3_preupdate_blobwrite() returns -1.
** See also: [sqlite3_update_hook()]
......@@ -9552,6 +9592,7 @@ SQLITE_API int sqlite3_preupdate_old(sqlite3 *, int, sqlite3_value **);
SQLITE_API int sqlite3_preupdate_count(sqlite3 *);
SQLITE_API int sqlite3_preupdate_depth(sqlite3 *);
SQLITE_API int sqlite3_preupdate_new(sqlite3 *, int, sqlite3_value **);
SQLITE_API int sqlite3_preupdate_blobwrite(sqlite3 *);
......@@ -9790,8 +9831,8 @@ SQLITE_API SQLITE_EXPERIMENTAL int sqlite3_snapshot_recover(sqlite3 *db, const c
** SQLITE_SERIALIZE_NOCOPY bit is omitted from argument F if a memory
** allocation error occurs.
** This interface is only available if SQLite is compiled with the
** This interface is omitted if SQLite is compiled with the
SQLITE_API unsigned char *sqlite3_serialize(
sqlite3 *db, /* The database connection */
......@@ -9842,8 +9883,8 @@ SQLITE_API unsigned char *sqlite3_serialize(
** SQLITE_DESERIALIZE_FREEONCLOSE bit is set in argument F, then
** [sqlite3_free()] is invoked on argument P prior to returning.
** This interface is only available if SQLite is compiled with the
** This interface is omitted if SQLite is compiled with the
SQLITE_API int sqlite3_deserialize(
sqlite3 *db, /* The database connection */
......@@ -10092,6 +10133,38 @@ SQLITE_API int sqlite3session_create(
SQLITE_API void sqlite3session_delete(sqlite3_session *pSession);
** CAPIREF: Conigure a Session Object
** METHOD: sqlite3_session
** This method is used to configure a session object after it has been
** created. At present the only valid value for the second parameter is
** Arguments for sqlite3session_object_config()
** The following values may passed as the the 4th parameter to
** sqlite3session_object_config().
** This option is used to set, clear or query the flag that enables
** the [sqlite3session_changeset_size()] API. Because it imposes some
** computational overhead, this API is disabled by default. Argument
** pArg must point to a value of type (int). If the value is initially
** 0, then the sqlite3session_changeset_size() API is disabled. If it
** is greater than 0, then the same API is enabled. Or, if the initial
** value is less than zero, no change is made. In all cases the (int)
** variable is set to 1 if the sqlite3session_changeset_size() API is
** enabled following the current call, or 0 otherwise.
** It is an error (SQLITE_MISUSE) to attempt to modify this setting after
** the first table has been attached to the session object.
SQLITE_API int sqlite3session_object_config(sqlite3_session*, int op, void *pArg);
** CAPI3REF: Enable Or Disable A Session Object
......@@ -10336,6 +10409,22 @@ SQLITE_API int sqlite3session_changeset(
void **ppChangeset /* OUT: Buffer containing changeset */
** CAPI3REF: Return An Upper-limit For The Size Of The Changeset
** METHOD: sqlite3_session
** By default, this function always returns 0. For it to return
** a useful result, the sqlite3_session object must have been configured
** to enable this API using sqlite3session_object_config() with the
** When enabled, this function returns an upper limit, in bytes, for the size
** of the changeset that might be produced if sqlite3session_changeset() were
** called. The final changeset size might be equal to or smaller than the
** size in bytes returned by this function.
SQLITE_API sqlite3_int64 sqlite3session_changeset_size(sqlite3_session *pSession);
** CAPI3REF: Load The Difference Between Tables Into A Session
** METHOD: sqlite3_session
......@@ -19,6 +19,10 @@
#ifndef SQLITE3EXT_H
#define SQLITE3EXT_H
#include "sqlite3-binding.h"
#ifdef __clang__
#define assert(condition) ((void)0)
** The following structure holds pointers to all of the SQLite API
......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@
# v1.1.0
# v1.14.7
# v1.14.8
## explicit
# v1.0.1
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