a script to manage a zax type nymserver (https://github.com/crooks/nymserv)

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This script helps managing a zax type nym.

The zax type nymserver is a python re-implementation of the classic ghio nymserver
homepage of the project:  http://is-not-my.name/
zax type nyms deliver messages to alt.anonymous.messages instead of using reply-block as ghio nymservers.

This script help you in:
create/update a nym (including gpg key creation)
send a message through your nym
delete a nym
create/delete gpg secret keys

at the moment there are 3 nymservers working:
 is-not-my.name     (http://is-not-my.name) 
 nymserv.breaka.net (http://breaka.net)
 nymphet.paranoici.org  (http://remailer.paranoici.org/nym.php)

copy config.ini.sample to config.ini 
change mixmaster, nymservers and stats section if needed
do not edit the nym section, unless you know what you are doing.
launch the script  ./autonym.py and follow the onscreen instruction

menu option available:
- choose/select active nym
    if you manage more than one nym, set the active one (i.e. that used to send a message)
- write a message
    send a message from active nym, it uses a minimal graphical interface to write message
    if the recipient public key is in your keyring, message is encrypted.
- create a nym
    ask you name and domain of the nym to be created
    if a key for that address does not exist, it is created
    creation message is sent not signed to the nymserver through local mixmaster
- update a nym
    ask you new subject_type and subject to be used with choosen nym and send
    an update request to the nymserver through local mixmaster
- send a request to delete a nym
    send a request to delete nym
- create a new secret key
    help you to create a secret key (usually not used as the create nym function will
    automatically use this procedure if a key is needed).
- delete a nym secret key and config
    function to delete a nym secret key from keyring and nym config from local config file (i.e. after nym deletion is confirmed) 
- save the nym secret key passphrase in config file
    so you don't have to type it every time
    (obviously this is not a good thing, AT LEAST keep config.ini on an encrypted partition).

there's also a --test command line argument to send a msg from a nym to a recipient (defined in config.ini)
which could be used in a cron to regularly test if a nym is working.

* remember to keep your stats & keys in your local mixmaster updated 

* download and import in your keyring the nymservers public keys
  they can be found on the nymservers homepage or on keyservers
    gpg --search-keys config@is-not-my.name
    gpg --search-keys config@nymphet.paranoici.org
    gpg --search-keys config@nymserv.breaka.net

* only ascii characters are managed for subject and messages, TODO: add unicode support
* tested only with python 2.7

python-gnupg   (https://bitbucket.org/vinay.sajip/python-gnupg)
python-easygui (http://easygui.sourceforge.net)
(both bundled with this software, no need for system installation)

mixmaster is needed to send mail

contacts: putro at autistici dot org