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This script helps managing a zax type nym.
The zax type nymserver is a python re-implementation of the classic ghio nymserver
homepage of the project:
zax type nyms delivers messages to alt.anonymous.messages instead of using reply-block as ghio nymservers.
This script help you in:
create/update a nym (included gpg key creation)
send a message through your nym
delete a nym
create/delete gpg secret keys
copy config.ini.sample to config.ini
change mixmaster, nymservers and stats section if needed
launch the script ./ and follow the onscreen instruction
remember to keep your stats & keys in your local mixmaster updated
python-gnupg (
python-easygui (
(both bundled with this software, no need for system installation)
extra thanks to Sean Whitbeck for pyanon (
which I've partially used, mostly for stats processing.
contacts: putro at autistici dot org
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