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nymhelper is a script that helps in creating and using a nym 
nymhelper has been developed starting from nymgrind (


gnupg (
mixmaster  (
python-gnupg ((
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simply copy the script in a directory, random_binary_data and come from the python-gnupg module (
you can keep this files locally in the same dir of the script,
or you can install the python-gnupg on your system and delete these files from the script directory.


first, edit file config.ini and change settings where required.
There are different config section:
    "options" - miscellaneous config options
    "1" - first (and required) nym data
    "2" - second (optional) nym data
    you can add other sections for each nym you have
    for every nym follow the same syntax of section "1", pwd can be left empy (unless you keep the config file encrypted you should NEVER write password here, and anyway writing password is always a bad idea).

to start simply type ./ and follow the on screen menu:


    1 to choose/select active nym
        select the active nym (if you have more than one defined in config.ini)
    2 to write a message (as active nym)
        write a message and prepare it to be sent to send@nym-server-address
        the message is saved in file defined in (message-out).
        You will be asked to choose a subject and the text
    3 to send the message created via local mixmaster
        send the message you prepared through a local mixmaster to send|config@nym-server-address
        You will be asked to choose a recipient (default should be fine), a subject (it's the subject
        of the encrypted message that the nym server will receive, not the subject of the message that
        will be received by the recipient), and a remailer chain (used to send the message to the nym server).
    4 to download fresh remailer stats
        download fresh stats from pinger defined in
    5 to choose remailer chain, 
        this is optional, you will prompted for remailer chain if needed
    6 to create or update a nym
        create or update (i.e. with a new reply block) a nym (the nym has to be already defined in config.ini and selected with menu choice "1")
        you will be asked for a remailer chain if not yet choosed, this will be the chain of the reply-block for your nym.
    7 to delete a nym
        to be implemented
    8 to create a new secret key
        to create a gnupg RSA key in your personal gnupg keyring  (to be improved)
    9 to delete a secret key from your personal keyring
    10 to send msg via smtp
        same as menu "3", but messages are sent through a local or remote SMTP server.   
        Useful just for test, messages are not anonymized.
    q to quit

it's possible to specify a different config file (default config.ini)  -C configfile

it's possible to send a message from a certain nym directly via command line with this syntax: -n 2 -s "subject" -r recipient -t "text of the message" -c "remailer1,remailer2"
-n  is the nym number in config file
-s subject
-r recipient
-t text of the message
-c remailer chain to be used to send the message (through your local mixmaster client)

for nyms rarely used, you can put this on crontab to keep the nym alive (nyms are disabled if not used), 
or to quickly check if the nym is working well.

for help type: -h


nyms pointing to newsgroups as final destination will have the subject (defined in config.ini) 
encrypted in hsub format,
to recognize them you have to use a software like news2mail ( 
or aam2mail (
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be sure to have the right keys in your keyring
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contacts: putro at autistici dot org