Commit 37528334 authored by putro's avatar putro

removed copies=2 because it causes an error for multipart messages

parent 07cff29e
......@@ -907,7 +907,7 @@ def sendMixMsg():
to_addr = raw_default("Insert recipient, or press RETURN to accept default", "send@" + options['nym-server'])
subj = raw_input("Insert subject and press RETURN: ")
args = [options['mixmaster'], '--mail', '--to=' + to_addr, '--subject=' + subj, '--copies=2']
args = [options['mixmaster'], '--mail', '--to=' + to_addr, '--subject=' + subj]
# args.append('--header=From: '+options['smtp-sender'])
print "\nChoose remailer chain used to send the message to %s\n" % to_addr
chooseChain(remailerList(list='mlist'), list='mlist')
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