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Add an example of what the output format looks like.

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......@@ -4,3 +4,27 @@ This repository provides a `dovecot_exporter` utility that can be used
to scrape statistics from Dovecot and export them as Prometheus metrics.
It extracts metrics through Dovecot's
[stats module](
The metrics provided by this exporter look like this:
dovecot_up{scope="user"} 1
dovecot_user_last_update{user=""} 1.482243627730987e+09
dovecot_user_mail_cache_hits{user=""} 298
dovecot_user_mail_lookup_attr{user=""} 4
dovecot_user_mail_lookup_path{user=""} 87
dovecot_user_mail_read_bytes{user=""} 176544
dovecot_user_mail_read_count{user=""} 83
dovecot_user_maj_faults{user=""} 0
dovecot_user_min_faults{user=""} 156053
dovecot_user_num_cmds{user=""} 565
dovecot_user_num_logins{user=""} 80
dovecot_user_read_bytes{user=""} 2.63032577e+08
dovecot_user_read_count{user=""} 73992
dovecot_user_reset_timestamp{user=""} 1.482239247e+09
dovecot_user_sys_cpu{user=""} 2.236
dovecot_user_user_cpu{user=""} 11.944
dovecot_user_vol_cs{user=""} 2981
dovecot_user_write_bytes{user=""} 961822
dovecot_user_write_count{user=""} 4906
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