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    Add blog->site map · 4d54076f
    shammash authored
    We want per-blog traffic stats.
    Apache noblogs is configured with a single virtualhost, we cannot use the
    virtualhost name (%v) for these stats, because everything will appear as
    noblogs.org .
    We cannot even use the Host header (%{Host}i) because the virtualhost wildcard
    configuration allows for bogus blog names (e.g. cavalle55e.noblogs.org instead
    of cavallette.noblogs.org).
    With this map nginx can lookup a valid blog name (or default to noblogs.org for
    invalid names) and pass it to apache with an internal header (e.g.
    X-AI-Noblogs-Site ). Apache will then use this header to produce correct stats.
    Signed-off-by: shammash's avatarshammash <shammash@autistici.org>
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