Commit c55a0464 authored by root's avatar root Committed by agata
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tolte modifiche che permettono il funzionamento di nextgen-gallery

parent e6112a61
......@@ -313,6 +313,12 @@ class hyperdb extends wpdb {
. ')\W([\w-]+)\W/is', $q, $maybe) )
return $maybe[1];
// SHOW TABLES LIKE (used in some plugins)
if ( preg_match('/^\s*'
. '\W(\w+)\W/is', $q, $maybe) )
return $maybe[1];
// Big pattern for the rest of the table-related queries in MySQL 5.0
if ( preg_match('/^\s*(?:'
. '(?:EXPLAIN\s+(?:EXTENDED\s+)?)?SELECT.*?\s+FROM'
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