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WordPress - Web publishing software
Copyright 2015 by the contributors
Copyright 2011-2016 by the contributors
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
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<h1 id="logo">
<a href=""><img alt="WordPress" src="wp-admin/images/wordpress-logo.png" /></a>
<br /> Version 4.3.1
<br /> Version 4.5.2
<p style="text-align: center">Semantic Personal Publishing Platform</p>
<h1>First Things First</h1>
<h2>First Things First</h2>
<p>Welcome. WordPress is a very special project to me. Every developer and contributor adds something unique to the mix, and together we create something beautiful that I&#8217;m proud to be a part of. Thousands of hours have gone into WordPress, and we&#8217;re dedicated to making it better every day. Thank you for making it part of your world.</p>
<p style="text-align: right">&#8212; Matt Mullenweg</p>
<h1>Installation: Famous 5-minute install</h1>
<h2>Installation: Famous 5-minute install</h2>
<li>Unzip the package in an empty directory and upload everything.</li>
<li>Open <span class="file"><a href="wp-admin/install.php">wp-admin/install.php</a></span> in your browser. It will take you through the process to set up a <code>wp-config.php</code> file with your database connection details.
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<li>The installer should then send you to the <a href="wp-login.php">login page</a>. Sign in with the username and password you chose during the installation. If a password was generated for you, you can then click on &#8220;Profile&#8221; to change the password.</li>
<h2>Using the Automatic Updater</h2>
<h3>Using the Automatic Updater</h3>
<p>If you are updating from version 2.7 or higher, you can use the automatic updater:</p>
<li>Open <span class="file"><a href="wp-admin/update-core.php">wp-admin/update-core.php</a></span> in your browser and follow the instructions.</li>
<li>You wanted more, perhaps? That&#8217;s it!</li>
<h2>Updating Manually</h2>
<h3>Updating Manually</h3>
<li>Before you update anything, make sure you have backup copies of any files you may have modified such as <code>index.php</code>.</li>
<li>Delete your old WordPress files, saving ones you&#8217;ve modified.</li>
......@@ -48,24 +48,24 @@
<li>Point your browser to <span class="file"><a href="wp-admin/upgrade.php">/wp-admin/upgrade.php</a>.</span></li>
<h1>Migrating from other systems</h1>
<h2>Migrating from other systems</h2>
<p>WordPress can <a href="">import from a number of systems</a>. First you need to get WordPress installed and working as described above, before using <a href="wp-admin/import.php" title="Import to WordPress">our import tools</a>.</p>
<h1>System Requirements</h1>
<h2>System Requirements</h2>
<li><a href="">PHP</a> version <strong>5.2.4</strong> or higher.</li>
<li><a href="">MySQL</a> version <strong>5.0</strong> or higher.</li>
<li><a href="">PHP</a> version <strong>5.4</strong> or higher.</li>
<li><a href="">MySQL</a> version <strong>5.5</strong> or higher.</li>
<li><a href="">PHP</a> version <strong>5.6</strong> or higher.</li>
<li><a href="">MySQL</a> version <strong>5.6</strong> or higher.</li>
<li>The <a href="">mod_rewrite</a> Apache module.</li>
<li>A link to <a href=""></a> on your site.</li>
<h1>Online Resources</h1>
<h2>Online Resources</h2>
<p>If you have any questions that aren&#8217;t addressed in this document, please take advantage of WordPress&#8217; numerous online resources:</p>
<dt><a href="">The WordPress Codex</a></dt>
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<dd>There is an online chat channel that is used for discussion among people who use WordPress and occasionally support topics. The above wiki page should point you in the right direction. (<a href="irc://"> #wordpress</a>)</dd>
<h1>Final Notes</h1>
<h2>Final Notes</h2>
<li>If you have any suggestions, ideas, or comments, or if you (gasp!) found a bug, join us in the <a href="">Support Forums</a>.</li>
<li>WordPress has a robust plugin <abbr title="application programming interface">API</abbr> that makes extending the code easy. If you are a developer interested in utilizing this, see the <a href="" title="WordPress plugin API">plugin documentation in the Codex</a>. You shouldn&#8217;t modify any of the core code.</li>
<h1>Share the Love</h1>
<h2>Share the Love</h2>
<p>WordPress has no multi-million dollar marketing campaign or celebrity sponsors, but we do have something even better&#8212;you. If you enjoy WordPress please consider telling a friend, setting it up for someone less knowledgable than yourself, or writing the author of a media article that overlooks us.</p>
<p>WordPress is the official continuation of <a href="">b2/caf&#233;log</a>, which came from Michel V. The work has been continued by the <a href="">WordPress developers</a>. If you would like to support WordPress, please consider <a href="" title="Donate to WordPress">donating</a>.</p>
<p>WordPress is free software, and is released under the terms of the <abbr title="GNU General Public License">GPL</abbr> version 2 or (at your option) any later version. See <a href="license.txt">license.txt</a>.</p>
* Confirms that the activation key that is sent in an email after a user signs
* up for a new blog matches the key for that user and then displays confirmation.
* up for a new site matches the key for that user and then displays confirmation.
* @package WordPress
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ require( dirname(__FILE__) . '/wp-load.php' );
require( dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/wp-blog-header.php' );
if ( !is_multisite() ) {
wp_redirect( site_url( '/wp-login.php?action=register' ) );
wp_redirect( wp_registration_url() );
......@@ -58,16 +58,17 @@ function wpmu_activate_stylesheet() {
#submit, #key { width: 90%; font-size: 24px; }
#language { margin-top: .5em; }
.error { background: #f66; }
span.h3 { padding: 0 8px; font-size: 1.3em; font-family: "Lucida Grande", Verdana, Arial, "Bitstream Vera Sans", sans-serif; font-weight: bold; color: #333; }
span.h3 { padding: 0 8px; font-size: 1.3em; font-weight: bold; }
add_action( 'wp_head', 'wpmu_activate_stylesheet' );
get_header( 'wp-activate' );
<div id="content" class="widecolumn">
<div id="signup-content" class="widecolumn">
<div class="wp-activate-container">
<?php if ( empty($_GET['key']) && empty($_POST['key']) ) { ?>
<h2><?php _e('Activation Key Required') ?></h2>
......@@ -115,17 +116,22 @@ get_header();
<p><span class="h3"><?php _e('Password:'); ?></span> <?php echo $result['password']; ?></p>
<?php if ( $url && $url != network_home_url( '', 'http' ) ) : ?>
<p class="view"><?php printf( __('Your account is now activated. <a href="%1$s">View your site</a> or <a href="%2$s">Log in</a>'), $url, $url . 'wp-login.php' ); ?></p>
<?php if ( $url && $url != network_home_url( '', 'http' ) ) :
switch_to_blog( (int) $result['blog_id'] );
$login_url = wp_login_url();
<p class="view"><?php printf( __( 'Your account is now activated. <a href="%1$s">View your site</a> or <a href="%2$s">Log in</a>' ), $url, esc_url( $login_url ) ); ?></p>
<?php else: ?>
<p class="view"><?php printf( __('Your account is now activated. <a href="%1$s">Log in</a> or go back to the <a href="%2$s">homepage</a>.' ), network_site_url('wp-login.php', 'login'), network_home_url() ); ?></p>
<?php endif;
<script type="text/javascript">
var key_input = document.getElementById('key');
key_input && key_input.focus();
<?php get_footer();
<?php get_footer( 'wp-activate' );
......@@ -9,170 +9,175 @@
/** WordPress Administration Bootstrap */
require_once( dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/admin.php' );
wp_enqueue_style( 'wp-mediaelement' );
wp_enqueue_script( 'wp-mediaelement' );
wp_localize_script( 'mediaelement', '_wpmejsSettings', array(
'pluginPath' => includes_url( 'js/mediaelement/', 'relative' ),
'pauseOtherPlayers' => ''
) );
$title = __( 'About' );
list( $display_version ) = explode( '-', $wp_version );
include( ABSPATH . 'wp-admin/admin-header.php' );
if ( current_user_can( 'customize' ) ) {
wp_enqueue_script( 'customize-loader' );
$video_url = '';
$video_url = '';
$locale = str_replace( '_', '-', get_locale() );
if ( 'en-AU' !== $locale ) {
list( $locale ) = explode( '-', $locale );
list( $locale ) = explode( '-', $locale );
if ( 'en' !== $locale ) {
$video_url = add_query_arg( 'defaultLangCode', $locale, $video_url );
$major_features = array(
'src' => array(
'mp4' => '//',
'ogv' => '//',
'webm' => '//',
'heading' => __( 'Formatting Shortcuts' ),
/* Translators: 1: asterisks; 2: number sign; */
'description' => sprintf( __( 'Your writing flow just got faster with new formatting shortcuts in WordPress 4.3. Use asterisks to create lists and number signs to make a heading. No more breaking your flow; your text looks great with a %1$s and a %2$s.' ), '<code>*</code>', '<code>#</code>' ),
'src' => '//',
'heading' => __( 'Menus in the Customizer' ),
'description' => __( 'Create your menu, update it, and assign it, all while live-previewing in the customizer. The streamlined customizer design provides a mobile-friendly and accessible interface. With every release, it becomes easier and faster to make your site just the way you want it.' ),
'src' => '//',
'heading' => __( 'Better Passwords' ),
'description' => __( 'Keep your site more secure with WordPress&#8217; improved approach to passwords. Instead of receiving passwords via email, you&#8217;ll get a password reset link. When you add new users to your site or edit a user profile, WordPress will automatically generate a secure password.' ),
'src' => '//',
'heading' => __( 'Site Icons' ),
'description' => __( 'Site icons represent your site in browser tabs, bookmark menus, and on the home screen of mobile devices. Add your unique site icon in the customizer; it will even stay in place when you switch themes. Make your whole site reflect your brand.' ),
shuffle( $major_features );
$minor_features = array(
'src' => '',
'heading' => __( 'A smoother admin experience' ),
'description' => __( 'Refinements to the list view across the admin make your WordPress more accessible and easier to work with on any device.' ),
'src' => '',
'heading' => __( 'Comments turned off on pages' ),
'description' => __( 'All new pages that you create will have comments turned off. Keep discussions to your blog, right where they&#8217;re supposed to happen.' ),
'src' => '',
'heading' => __( 'Customize your site quickly' ),
'description' => __( 'Wherever you are on the front-end, you can click the customize link in the toolbar to swiftly make changes to your site.' ),
$tech_features = array(
'heading' => __( 'Taxonomy Roadmap' ),
'description' => __( 'Terms shared across multiple taxonomies are now split into separate terms.' ),
'heading' => __( 'Template Hierarchy' ),
/* Translators: 1: singular.php; 2: single.php; 3:page.php */
'description' => sprintf( __( 'Added %1$s as a fallback for %2$s and %3$s' ), '<code>singular.php</code>', '<code>single.php</code>', '<code>page.php</code>' ),
'heading' => '<code>WP_List_Table</code>',
'description' => __( 'List tables can and should designate a primary column.' ),
$title = __( 'About' );
list( $display_version ) = explode( '-', $wp_version );
include( ABSPATH . 'wp-admin/admin-header.php' );
<div class="wrap about-wrap">
<h1><?php printf( __( 'Welcome to WordPress&nbsp;%s' ), $display_version ); ?></h1>
<div class="about-text"><?php printf( __( 'Thank you for updating! WordPress %s makes it even easier to format your content and customize your site.' ), $display_version ); ?></div>
<div class="about-text"><?php printf( __( 'Thank you for updating! WordPress %s streamlines your workflow, whether you&#8217;re writing or building your site.' ), $display_version ); ?></div>
<div class="wp-badge"><?php printf( __( 'Version %s' ), $display_version ); ?></div>
<h2 class="nav-tab-wrapper">
<h2 class="nav-tab-wrapper wp-clearfix">
<a href="about.php" class="nav-tab nav-tab-active"><?php _e( 'What&#8217;s New' ); ?></a>
<a href="credits.php" class="nav-tab"><?php _e( 'Credits' ); ?></a>
<a href="freedoms.php" class="nav-tab"><?php _e( 'Freedoms' ); ?></a>