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noblogsmv is a script that drives the transition between two different backend maps for the Noblogs databases. The process is meant to be driven by a single script (the driver), running on a single host. This script will save its state locally, so that it is easily restartable in case it is interrupted.


To install from source in a Python virtualenv:

$ virtualenv venv
$ ./venv/bin/pip install git+https://git.autistici.org/ai/noblogsmv.git#egg=noblogsmv

This will install all the required dependencies and it will put the driver script in venv/bin/.


When performing a backend migration, you need first to have the two blog->backend maps ("old" and "new") in JSON format. You can get them by running the 'noblogs' admin command with suitable arguments.

Then, create a new, empty directory on the driver host:

$ mkdir /var/tmp/migration-01
$ cd /var/tmp/migration-01

And run the driver script:

$ sudo screen noblogsmv-driver \
    --old-map=old.json \

The web console will be available on http://localhost:3030/.