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This repository contains the source code for the
This repository is the public mirror of the source code for the [Autistici/Inventati](
Contents are written in Markdown, and rendered to static HTML at
deployment time.
You can support the Autistici/Inventati project by updating, translating, or contributing
new guides for the website.
# Making changes
The website contents are located in the `src` subdirectory. Pages are
## Contributing with Editing, Updates, Translations
You can contribute to the content of the website by forking this repository and then submitting a merge request.
All content are located in the `src` subdirectory. Pages are
encoded in Markdown, with a small header providing page metadata
(mostly the page title).
......@@ -21,6 +24,38 @@ example:
Contents of the about page.
### Translations
Autistici/Inventati's website is currently fully or partly available in the following languages:
- Italian (the project's native language)
- English (a language most of the collective members are fluent with)
- Spanish (many of us speak at least some)
- French (some of us speak it)
- Portuguese (some of us speak it)
- German (few of us speak it)
- Catalan (none of us speak it, but some very friendly volunteers decided to translate most of the website and we loved the idea)
If you would like to update or add translations in the above languages, we would be very thankful about it,
and would be happy to add them to the website.
If you are thinking of translating into languages other than those, please consider that this
could create false expectations in people, who might think that we would then be able to support
them with technical issues in those languages. If you think it still would be a good idea to have
the whole website translated in your language, then feel free to go ahead, but in that case, consider translating
as many pages as possible before you submit your project to us.
When adding a translation, create a file with the same name as the original, but with the appropriate language code.
For example, if you wanted to translate the index page into Arabic, you would create a new file in the `src` folder
called ``.
When you're done with your translations, create a merge request and you're done.
Thanks a lot for contributing to the Autistici/Inventati website!
## Making Changes Beyond Content
When editing the website sources, it is a good idea to test the
results locally, before submitting the changes. In order to do so,
there are some setup steps you will need to perform on your system.
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