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Build sitesearch separately

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......@@ -2,18 +2,20 @@
# on Go 1.16, so we build it separately.
FROM golang:1.16 AS gobuild
RUN go get
RUN go get
FROM debian:bullseye AS build
RUN apt-get -q update && env DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get -qy install --no-install-recommends rsync git golang ca-certificates
ADD . /src
COPY --from=gobuild /go/bin/gostatic /usr/bin/gostatic
COPY --from=gobuild /go/bin/sitesearch /usr/bin/sitesearch
RUN ./scripts/ && ./scripts/
COPY --from=build /src/public /var/www/
COPY --from=build /root/go/bin/sitesearch /usr/sbin/sitesearch
COPY --from=gobuild /go/bin/sitesearch /usr/sbin/sitesearch
COPY --from=build /src/index /var/lib/sitesearch/index
COPY templates /var/lib/sitesearch/templates
COPY docker/conf /tmp/conf
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